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About Elmwood Preshool
  • We believe family/whānau come first.

    Elmwood Preschool is a small locally owned and established early childhood centre that has been part of the local Bryndwr community since 1992.

    The Centre is owned by Eileen Keane.  Eileen is a fully qualified and registered Early Childhood Teacher with 30 years’ experience.  Eileen is now the full-time manager of the preschool and she takes an avid interest in the children’s well-being. Our Preschool area has a maximum of 18 children at any one time, and our nursery has a maximum of 7 infants and toddlers at any one time, which allows for quality interactions between the teachers’ and your child, while also supporting your child to become a competent, capable learner and the opportunity to build and maintain close friendships with their peers.

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  • Stimulating education for the over twos.

    Many aspects of your child’s learning are recorded in their individual profile book
    which is a record of your child’s learning journey through the preschool years and shows you how the teachers have supported your child’s development and growth. The special book is for you and your family and we encourage you to add your voice to this book through stories, photos and special moments you want to record and share.
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  • Professional care for our youngest visitors

    Primary care to infants and toddlers
    The Nursery has a maximum of 7 children with two teachers who provide primary care giving to the infants and toddlers in their care. This allows us to build close relationships with you as a family and establish intimate, responsive and trusting relationships with your little one.
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