• In the nursery your little one will spend his/her time with Rowena who is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who has 20 years experience and Coral who is also a qualified Early Childhood Teacher

    Rowena and Coral believe that the most important thing in your child’s life is relationships, yours being the most important.  To support the relationship between you and your child we have a primary care giving system operating in our nursery.  This involves your child’s primary caregiver welcoming you and your child in the morning, settling of your child, nappy changing, meal times, sleep times and other intimate moments throughout the day.

    Communication between all of us is vital so we know where you and your child are at, so together we can plan for your child’s day at the Centre.   It’s really important for us to work with you as a team towards the same goal for a happy, healthy, trusting and well cared for child.

    In our nursery we believe that children deserve an environment that gives them time and space to just explore the world at their own pace, while at the same time teachers are very aware of supporting your child’s individual interests and needs.

  • A statement from our latest ERO report

    The quality of the care and education in the nursery is very good. The quality is most evident in the:
    * conservations that teachers’ have with children to extend their understanding and use of language and help them to have their needs well met
    * interactions that keep children interested and engaged in their learning
    * detailed records of children’s learning in individual profile books