• Sustainability

    Visitors to our Preschool will see our tamariki and kaiako are environmentally aware and recognise the importance of looking after our planet.

    Our tamariki have a worm farm which they look after themselves, by making sure the worms are fed and cared for.  They also have their own garden where they grow fresh fruit and vegetables.

    (These sometimes have the opportunity to fully ripen before they are eaten.)

    The tamariki sort all waste and place it in the appropriate labelled bins.

    The Preschool is fully supportive if you choose to use cloth nappies on your child instead of disposable nappies.

    We encourage the use of compartment lunch boxes to reduce the use of plastic wrap.

    Toitu te marae a Tāne, toitu te marae a Tangaroa, toitu te whenua
    Care for the domains of Tāne and Tangaroa and the land will sustain you